Personal Historian Quotes & Reviews

"You've done a magnificent job— so very well organized."  — C.M., California

"I am using Personal Historian nearly every day and I love it!  It is a beautifully designed program, far superior to any others I have seen.  I have a terminal illness and want to write a personal history for my grandchildren who are too small to remember me after I am gone.  I felt rather overwhelmed with the task until I started working in this program.  I am thrilled with the progress I am making."  — M.H., Ohio

"I have started to write my personal history several times, but each time has been a failure. I often have only a few minutes at a time to work on it, and it used to take almost the entire available time just to get things together and start to write. I usually felt it was not worth the effort, but with Personal Historian I am able to utilize even very small blocks of time. When I combine that with the ability to look at my life's events in relation to world and cultural affairs, I am making real progress for the first time."  — G.B., Utah

"I think this is a great program.  It has been a great help to me, and maybe I will finally get a decent start on my personal history."  — W.S., Montana

"I am excited.  I've already been typing a few things about my life history and this will be fantastic."  — L.S., Utah

"I was just entering some information about a great grandfather that I found in the 1860 census into my Personal Historian. It is great! Because it organized all his information from my Family History files, the Personal Historian helped me see some facts that I hadn't noticed before. With the census record and the ease of writing in the Personal Historian, I was able to put into writing some of the things I remembered hearing about him and his family. I find it is a great program that can be used for quick moments of inspiration when something triggers your memory, so writing my own personal history or that of one of my ancestors is not longer a chore." — J.B., Utah

"I truly believe in Personal Historian. It makes an overwhelming task much easier." — L.H.

"Love the variety of ways to use Personal Historian. Today I primarily use it to document events and stories, like a timelne. This allows memories to be captured and then items pulled later for a more formal history." — T.D.

"I have found the prompts in Personal Historian 1 to be very helpful in recalling my life experience, and that (as I remember it) of my family. Working with your prompts, and history timeline, is a big help in recalling events and typing them into the computer is much easier, and far more legible, than writing them out by hand, or typing them on a typewriter." — S.G.