RootsMagic USB Flash Drive

RootsMagic USB Flash Drive

4GB of Portable Storage (RootsMagic Sold Separately)

This beautiful 4GB USB flash drive is the perfect way to take your family history with you.

The Perfect Way to Carry Your Family History

Take your family history with you in style with this sturdy, 4GB USB flash drive. Featuring the RootsMagic logo printed on both sides, it will take a unique place in your collection of storage devices.

Ready for the Future

Compatible with both Windows and macOS computers, this drive has the tried-and-true "USB Type A" connector which can be protected by a swiveling cover. And for the latest technology, remove the end-cap to reveal the smaller "USB Type C" connector which has gained popularity on newer systems. You get the best of both worlds with two types of connectors on a single USB drive!

Everything You Need to Install RootsMagic

In the past, we offered RootsMagic on CDs for those who preferred not to download it. As CD drives have become less-popular, this USB drive is the perfect replacement.

This drive comes with the files needed to install RootsMagic on both your Windows and macOS computers. (RootsMagic registration key is sold separately.) You may keep the files on this drive as a backup, or delete them to free up the drive for any purpose you like.