Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy. We will never sell your name to a third party without your express consent. Period.

Because we feel your privacy is so important, we are providing this page to describe when and how we collect and use your information.

Collection of Personal Information

Opt-In Methods

  1. Free Software
    On our Website, we ask for personal information from those who download and/or install our free software. You are not required to provide personal information.
  2. Newsletter
    When you subscribe to our RootsMagic News, we collect your name, email, and IP address, but this information is only stored if you confirm that you wish to receive the newsletter in the confirmation email we send. This information is shared with our newsletter processor (MailChimp) so that they can send out our newsletters. This information is not shared with any other third party (by us or MailChimp) without your express consent. You may at any time unsubscribe, edit, add to, or delete any information you provide.
  3. Message Boards
    RootsMagic offers a message board system where users can post questions and answers. This message board requires an account where you provide your email address and a user name. This information is not shared with any other third party without your express consent. You may at any time delete your message board account.

Methods Where We Need Information (Not Opt-In)

  1. Order Placement
    When you place an order online with us, we collect information about you, including your name, address and credit card information. This information is necessary in order for us to process and complete your order. In the case that you purchase an item from us that must be fulfilled by a third-party (currently GenSmarts), details of the order including name and fulfillment information will be shared with the third-party.
  2. Product Registration
    Product registration information includes the product acquired as well as your name, address, and e-mail address and telephone number. You may ask to have us delete your information from our registration database (as detailed below), but RootsMagic, Inc. reserves the right to limit free technical support and discounts on upgrades to registered users.
  3. Email / Ticket Support
    RootsMagic, Inc. provides email / ticket technical support to registered users. When you submit a ticket (or send us a support email), your email address (and any other information you submit or send us) is shared with our support processor (ZenDesk) so that we can respond to and keep your support emails together to provide a better support experience. This information is not shared with any other third party (by us or ZenDesk) without your express consent. You may at any time delete your support tickets or remove your information from our support system.
  4. Beta Test Software
    RootsMagic, Inc. may require that all those who wish to use its pre-release software (beta) to provide RootsMagic, Inc. with their name and e-mail address. You may ask to have us delete your information from our beta tester database (as detailed below), but RootsMagic, Inc. may choose to prevent beta versions of its software from installing or running if such information is not provided to us.

Anonymous Information Collection

  1. Website and FTP site visits
    RootsMagic, Inc. collects general usage information about visitors coming to our Web and FTP sites.
  2. About Cookies
    Sometimes our Web and FTP servers collect this general information with the help of cookies. A cookie is a small file that a Website writes to your hard drive when you visit that site. Cookies cannot read information from your hard drive or read information from other cookies. If you turn off cookies in your Web browser, you will still be able to access and browse the RootsMagic Web and FTP sites.

Use of Personal Information

RootsMagic, Inc. may use personal information that it has collected to:

  1. Provide you with notices of new information that may be of use or interest to you. This may include newsletters, tutorials, Website update notices, or notification on the availability of new products, product updates, maintenance releases, and beta versions of products.
  2. Warn you of the impending termination of the trial period of evaluation versions of our software.
  3. Register licensed copies of the product in your name. We do not keep credit card information as part of your product registration.
  4. Determine at our discretion your eligibility to receive product support on evaluation versions of our software.
  5. Survey you (and others) in an attempt to improve our Website, our products, or our business.
  6. Notify you of third-party products that we believe might be of interest to you. RootsMagic, Inc. will not share personal information with third parties without first obtaining your express consent.
  7. Improve the quality of our Website. RootsMagic, Inc. does not collect information about individual users without your knowledge.
  8. Help us analyze general traffic patterns throughout our site.

Review, Change, and Correction of Personal Information

At any time, you may review, change, correct, or remove any personal information including the permitted uses of your personal information by contacting RootsMagic, Inc. at:

RootsMagic, Inc.
Attn: Customer Service Department
PO Box 1068
Salem, UT 84653 USA
Phone: (801) 489-3102
Contact Customer Service

At any time, you may contact RootsMagic, Inc. at the above address with inquiries or complaints regarding your data or the use thereof. RootsMagic, Inc. is committed to responding to all such contacts in a prompt and responsible manner.