Personal Historian Features

Personal Historian Essentials Personal Historian  
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General Features
 X  X Runs under Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000
 X  X Runs under Mac OSX
 X  X Single-file database format
 X  X Support for international character sets through Unicode integration
 X  X Integrated backup and restore help safeguard your data
   X Free technical support
Easy to Learn and Use
 X  X Easy file management
 X  X Easy to use Explorer-like help system
 X  X Sidebar on main screen makes filtering easy
 X  X Use of Wizards simplifies tasks
Organize Your Personal History
 X  X Write unlimited stories
 X  X View the list of your stories on screen
 X  X Filter the list of stories
 X  X Just double click story in list to edit the story
 X  X Download people and posts from your Facebook feed
   X Download pictures and comments from your Facebook feed
   X Copy stories from one Personal Historian file to another
   X Customize the story list layout
   X Quickly add a journal entry story
   X Edit random stories (great for writer's block)
Story Editing
 X  X Use multiple fonts in stories
 X  X Use paragraph styles
 X  X Add images to stories
 X  X Wordwrap text about pictures
 X  X Readability Analysis
   X Full screen edit mode
   X Spell checking
   X Live spell check
   X Thesaurus
   X Adding footnotes
   X Text-to-speech reads your story back to you
   X Speech-to-text takes dictation
   X Add new paragraph styles
   X Import styles
   X Export styles
Story Organizing
 X  X Organizer lets you create an outline for each story
 X  X Brainstorm to add items to Organizer
 X  X Add subitems to Organizer
 X  X Easily rearrange outline items
   X Copy outline to the word processor
Search Features
 X  X Search for text in the current story
 X  X Search and replace in the current story
   X Full text search across all stories
Story Filters
 X  X Filter the master story list
 X  X Filter the stories included in the published book
   X Save and reuse filters
Publish Your Personal History
 X  X Print to any printer connected to your computer
 X  X Customize headers, footers, margins, and fonts
 X  X Include any stories in your personal history
 X  X Include cover and title pages, copyright, dedication, acknowledgement, preface pages
 X  X Include index of people in the story
   X Create multiple customized personal histories for each person
   X Save books to PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
   X Save books to your word processor (RTF)
   X E-mail books directly from the print preview
   X Include index of places in the story
 X  X Date calculator when entering dates
 X  X Pop up calendar when entering dates
 X  X LifeCapsule Editor lets you make your own timelines to share with others
   X Gazetteer to look up places
   X Place name standardization and geocoding
   X Display places on map
 X  X Direct RootsMagic import
 X  X Direct Family Tree Maker import (version 16 and earlier)
 X  X Direct PAF import (version 5)
 X  X Direct Legacy import (versions 3 and later)
 X  X GEDCOM import
   X Import text data (tab or comma delimited)