RootsMagic for PAF Users - Quotes and Testimonials

PAF Users get RootsMagic for the upgrade priceDon't just take our word for it! Read these comments from other PAF users who have successfully made the switch to RootsMagic:

I have used PAF for all my years in Family History research. I now enjoy working with RootsMagic, it is by far the best program. Thank you. — Joyce
I want to thank everyone at RootsMagic for all their hard work! I purchased RootsMagic 4 after attending a genealogy seminar this past September. I was still using PAF at that time. When Bruce explained how easy it was to convert my data I was extatic, so I purchased the software. When I received it, it loaded quickly converted all my old PAF data (just as Bruce said it would) and I was up and running. . . Love is a very strong word, and I Love RootsMagic!! Thanks everyone, great job!! — Kathy
I have been working on the family history for many years using PAF, and converted to RootsMagic, which is a great program, very user friendly. I have recommended the program to beginners that are interested in finding and recording their own family genealogy. — Shirley
A great improvement from PAF. This will help with the work. Thanks! — Garth
In the past I have used PAF for my family history. A couple of weeks ago I was asked to change to RootsMagic. I really like the program it is very easy and I like that the updates are easy to do. Since I am only on the 1800′s and 1700′s on lines I will use this program for years to come. — Sherri
I am new to RootsMagic but am thrilled with the little exposure that I have had. It makes genealogy so simple. . . For many of us PAF 5 was all we knew and it was overhelming to think that it was going by the wayside. . . THANKS! — Margaret
I love using RootsMagic 5. I especially like using the feature that does searches in (FamilySearch). That way I can compare my data with that of (FamilySearch) and do it in one step. I have been a PAF user since I was a beta tester of the first version. Can’t even remember the date it was so long ago. It took me some time to switch but I have never been sorry. Keep up the good work. — Elaine
I just recently obtained RootsMagic and am loving it so far. I still have more to learn what it does. But thoroughly enjoying what I have done in it so far. I was totally excited that I could transfer from PAF without any problems. It is very user friendly. — Sandra
I have been using RootsMagic ever since it came out. I found it so much easier to use than PAF. (It) has much more capabilities than PAF. As a grandparent I am excited to have photos, video and recordings of my family. I just think how great it would be to have had that of my great grandparents. . . It keeps things simple. I hope you find it as functional of a program as I have. — Leland