RootsMagic for PAF Users

A Quick Start Guide
RootsMagic for PAF Users
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Are you a long-time PAF user who is moving to RootsMagic? "RootsMagic for PAF Users" is for you! This 16-page, full-color booklet guides you step-by-step in making the switch and answers the biggest and most common questions.

PAF Users get RootsMagic for the upgrade priceThis Quick Start Guide contains the following sections:

  1. Welcome to RootsMagic!
  2. Moving Your Data to RootsMagic
  3. Navigating the Main Screen
  4. Editing Your Data
  5. Customizing RootsMagic
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Appendix 1: PAF Menu Items in RootsMagic
  8. Appendix 2: PAF Reports in RootsMagic