RootsMagic Help

We offer a boatload of ways to get help if you have a question or problem with our software.

Help File

RootsMagic provides a built-in help system which describes each feature and how it works. To bring up the help in RootsMagic you can:
  • Press the F1 key at any screen in RootsMagic
  • Select Help > Contents from the menu

RootsMagic User Group on Facebook

A virtual RootsMagic Users' Group where you can connect with over 8000 RootsMagic users and RootsMagic staff to ask questions, share ideas, and discuss how to use the software. With the many knowledgable users in the group, this is usually the fastest way to get an answer to your question.


RootsMagic offers free online classes or "webinars" to our users. You can watch the classes live, or watch or download past webinars for free any time. There are dozens of free classes ranging from basic "Getting Started" to advanced classes like "Creating a Custom Report".

RootsMagic TV

RootsMagic offers dozens of free video tutorials at These videos are shorter that the Webinars above and touch on an individual topic.

Magic Guides

RootsMagic offers free "how-to" handouts for our users. Each Magic Guide covers a single RootsMagic topic, step by step with both illustrations and tips. These guides may be freely copied and distributed (but not sold). You may use them as handouts in user groups or when teaching RootsMagic classes.

RootsMagic Product Key Recovery

If you need to reinstall a RootsMagic product and have lost your registration key, we can e-mail your key to you if you purchased the software directly from us or registered your purchase with us.

RootsMagic Users Mail List

A mailing list for users of RootsMagic is maintained by our friends at RootsWeb. You can use the mailing list to ask questions, share ideas, and give suggestions to other RootsMagic users. Note: Although RootsMagic staff reads and often answers questions on this mailing list, it is owned and moderated by one of our dedicated users. RootsMagic, Inc. is not responsible for the content of the mailing list.

User Groups

User groups are good places to find others with an interest in RootsMagic. You can receive help, ideas, and more from other RootsMagic users in your area.

Family History Centers (FHCs)

Contact your local LDS Family History Center to see if they offer a RootsMagic class. Family History Centers are also a great place to get research help.


We announce software updates and have occasional tips and tricks on our RootsMagic Blog.

RootsMagic News

Our monthly e-mail newsletter contains news and announcements, as well as an occasional "Tip of the Month".

Facebook Company Page

Like us on Facebook to receive tips and notices about our products.

Google+ RootsMagic Community

Connect with other RootsMagic users on Google+.


We post announcements about updates and new releases from our twitter account.

Knowledge Base

Answers to hundreds of frequently asked questions.


Connect with thousands of other users to ask questions, discuss how to use the software, or suggest new features.

Latest Versions

If you run into problems, make sure you are using the latest version of the program. We are regularly releasing updates which fix bugs and issues that are reported.

Before Contacting Support

Before contacting support with a question or problem, please follow these steps first. Many problems can be solved by following these simple steps first.
  1. Make sure you are using the latest version.
      We are continually releasing updates which fix problems and issues. In your software, click the Help menu and choose "Check for Updates". Or click here to download the latest update for whatever version of our software you are running.
  2. Exit from the program and restart your computer
      Occasionally Windows can become unstable and cause strange behavior. Shutting your computer down and restarting it will often clear up issues in programs.
  3. Check the online help in the program
      Press the F1 function key while in the program to bring up help on using the software.
  4. Try to reproduce the problem
      See if you can make the problem happen again. If you can't duplicate the problem, it may have been a one time thing. If you can make the problem happen repeatedly, write down the exact steps to provide to support so they can try to reproduce it.

Online Technical Support

We offer free online technical support for paid customers. Before contacting support, please read the section above "Before Contacting Support".